Friday, August 31, 2007

So Claudia has talked about getting me a wrap for Matisse & I was not into it. We used it with Kai (she used it and I watched). All I hear from Claudia is that you just feel so close and the baby loves it. Clear stand out examples are the baby is close to your heart, hears your voice through sound and vibration of the body and is kept in this cocoon form. For all the men I know...Yada Yada Yada..this is what I thought until I put it on. I bet kangaroo moms have the hardest time letting go of their offstrings. I was holding the camera while taking this shot - at first I thought the pic was an easy delete since I cut my face off (I know, who needs to see me) but when I looked closer I noticed Ciel's adorable hand holding on to my shirt.

Already So Cool...

Understanding that we're in the earliest of early phases in my man's life, I must say he has rocked the first 4 days. I can already hear what you're thinking - we have some 35k+ days more to fall short. And, that's only if there's not some crazy cure for life that keeps us all around much too long. I posted this pic since I have fallen into the same groove as all parents of a new baby - you know the one were you sit and stare at them for hours. This picture represents the worst angle of sleep he does for me. I say it's the worst since this is when I can look at him, because I'm driving the car. Why did we ever event cars? The lost quality stare time is ridiculous during this.

Lights, Camera, Action....Kinda


Getting this little guy schooled on how to play the game. Give 'The Man' the nice business look at work & 'The Ladies' the wild sexy look. Both sides won't know what hit them

When The Sun Goes Down

Here's the first recorded sunset of Matisse-Ciel's life. It's one of our favorite spots in Laguna Beach. Now we've seen and taken shots like this tones of times but this is by far my favorite sunset to date.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sleeping Never Looked So Peaceful

After getting home and settled, we all (minus Ciel) went into the kitchen for some food. After awhile Claudia went to check on him only to come back asking us to come check him out. Envision a sight with all of us standing around the bed going "Awwwwww......". It was a pretty cool & funny moment for my memory bank. Luckily Matisse has chosen to enter the world in the age of digital cameras, because it was a moment that we'll have forever.

Rehearsal Time Is Over

Our little boy is finally coming home.

Come Get Me Daddy!

Claudia just emailed me & said "Matisse-Ciel Misses His Daddy". Gotta Go...!!!!

The Green Machine

We thought waiting over the last 9 months was the hard part, but it seems like waiting for his release home (less than 48 hours) has taken forever. Getting ready to head back to the hospital in about 30min & lets hope the release will follow shortly after that. I wanted to post his cool little ride that I'm sure the kids will fly him around the house in. It's a classic 1950's Pram that we bought on Ebay. We wanted to do something different and just fell in love with this old school look. Hopefully the feelings will be mutual with Matisse & he has cool dreams in this green machine...

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Cha-Cha-Cha Changes

The classic line of 'What A Difference A Day Makes' never rang so true as it did these last 24 hours. First I must mention that Ciel of course is totally tricking us by being the perfect angel. He went to bed around 12 & drifted back to the days he lived in mommy's belly for a little over 6 hours. His gift to us was highlighted by the two neighboring kids that cried for the most part none stop. We felt really bad since both were first time parents and I'm sure completely questioned what they had got themselves into. We spent the morning/afternoon/evening just watching this little guy what seemed like a continual morph into another person. He's gone from looking a little bit like each kid to a stand alone. We all can't wait to see how he looks tomorrow.

Matisse-Ciel LaMont Ransom

One might have thought the day would never come but on August 27th, 2007 at 6:31pm it finally happened. Claudia was incredible as expected and I made sure just not to get in the way. There was the classic moment while rubbing Claudia's head that she gave me a 'Please stop touching me' look. Before I could have any feelings about that she had already grabbed my hand for comfort. The actually birth with the whole 'Push - Push - Breath' only took about 30min. It felt like it was the longest tv series in history. Thanks to everyone who has called or emailed with well wishes, it has made the moment that much more special. Big Love to everyone and to those I don't know that well...I like you a lot.

Monday, August 27, 2007


Well the time has finally come!!! We're heading to the hospital now and from this point the story will be left with a pretty cool cliff-hanger....

*Will The Baby Be Born Today?

*What Time Will The Baby Be Born?

*Is Claudia Really Pregnant?

*Is It My Baby?

Thanks for the prayers....

Sunday, August 26, 2007


The Big Brother

Playing with Kai today I couldn't help but think how lucky Matisse-Ciel is to have a brother as cool as Kai. The two of them challenging the world is going to be a special thing to watch.

It's Almost Showtime!

The kids thought they better take one last shot of mommy's belly. We all are still amazed that little Matisse-Ciel is hanging out in there. These last 48 hours have taken forever, but if all goes well, come this time tomorrow the newest addition to the family will be here (of course give or take 12 hours). Now I just need to figure out what to do until then!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Missed It By |-That-| Much

We all felt a little tired after the fun in Dana Point. Once we got home, I suggested we all take a little rest before getting into anything. Of course the kids felt very confident that they were plenty strong enough to keep going. From the looks of it, someone's energy pack ran out on them.

Dana Point Harbor

Here's a helpful link of all the things to do at the harbor.

Last Weekend

This is our last weekend before the grand event. We started the day with a nice breakfast at Cafe Bonjour. It's a nice place in Dana Point off of PCH. I ordered my favorite French Toast combo that comes with strawberries, kiwi, mangos & an ample amount of powdered sugar. With the day being so nice we decided to head to the harbor after the food settled. Instead of just walking around we thought it could be cool to rent a boat and cruise the harbor. I can't say I have great skills as a captain but it didn't show today with the way I was zipping through the water. What made the ride extra cool was the fact we could bring our own music. Luckily we had a classic old school groove collection that kept the kids jamming the whole ride through.

Friday, August 24, 2007


Poppycock. Has nothing to do with my bio, I've just always wanted to use it. So here I went.

My name is Claudia Ransom and I am married to Jason, who is larger than life, sarcastic to the bone, almost always right, loves hard, confident to the point of arrogance, devilishly handsome, witty and wise, speaks his mind, sees everything, and makes me laugh the hardest when I'm trying to be an adult.

Hmmmm, this was supposed to be a bio about ME... could it be that my identity comes through my husband?
Hardly, but he really likes it when I kiss his butt and he's in charge of this website... so it can't hurt, right? And it's all true.

Really. No, REALLY.

Okay... me, me, me.

Born and raised in Germany, I came to California as an Au-Pair when I was 19 years old. The California beach and lifestyle were beckoning me and I planned on returning home after one year. Here I still am, four kids and many years later. My entire family still lives in Frankfurt - I miss them like crazy and, as a result, try to latch onto any friend or family that'll take me in. There are many awesome things about California, but the social life and friendship system just seems a little bit more genuine and relaxed in Europe. Before I became a mom I worked for a number of companies in project management and traveled the world as a treasury analyst.

I love a clean house, trees, colors, lemons, God, balsamic vinegar, art, soul music, wine, Italy, fashion, design, reading, fresh laundry, basil, UFC, garlic, my supercool husband, my crazy kids and everything perpendicular and symmetrical... which can be a major problem with six people in the house. I can't stand typos, waiting, seafood, Bush, MTV, Josh Groban, the war, and capers. While Jason thinks a perfect day is doing as little as possible, I only feel a sense of accomplishment when I've tackled 89 things in one day.... but I'm learning! I am passionate about the environment and loving my family and think this blog is a great way to combine the both. Hopefully you'll become a fan and friend and share many experiences with us.


My name is Jason LaMont Ransom. Initially this was going to be just a site to welcome the birth of our youngest son, but has now grown into a place of sharing the highs & lows with everything in the middle of life. I'm married to an overly organized and slightly anal German - if I included a detailed description of her, the page would be entirely too long. We have four children - would have a couple more, but buying an SUV with these gas prices just doesn't make sense (sorry unknown little guy/girl).

Though they are rusty, I've been able to reference back on some of my design days when I worked with Prince (yep...insert joke: Do You Mean The Artist). It was an incredible run filled with memories that I can't share here in fear of getting sued - I might even get sued for saying I worked with him - I think I better read the fine print on the last lawyer sheet that I signed before I expand on this topic.

I grew up with a white mother and black father. This was of great interest to all of my schools during 'Parent - Teacher' meetings. I can vividly remember the stark difference even at 5 years old on how I was treated the next day. It was almost like I was this experimental project they were able to witness up close. I feel this made for a great life and couldn't imagine it any other way.

So this once small website has turned into a full shadowing of our family and all that comes with two highly opinionated parents trying to raise 4 kids in this crazy world. It makes for an ever changing adventure filled with twists, turns and great blessings.