Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Last Minute Addition

Matisse-Ciel decided to join the party. For the most part he enjoyed wearing this outfit. It fit his belly perfect but was a little big on his head. If you didn't watch him there were moments in the night where his face was lost in the hood.


Never has a character choice worked any better than this 'Pippi Long Stocking' selection by Kiana. What's great is that the only part of it being for Halloween is the makeup & her braids sticking out to the side. We have been surprised many times with Kiana claiming to be ready for school and having something very close to this on.

If Mika wants to play any child like game it would have to be 'Puppy/I'm Your Pet'. She can stay in character for as long as you would like to play. Nothing is funnier than to have her come to you while on the computer doing a report and some hour or so later come back to you and still be in puppy mode. Years ago I would think no way she's still playing, but trust me when I say Mika wishes she was a puppy - and a Dancer/Singer/Actress... Normal Diva qualities in training.

Kai surprised us some with a last minute costume change. He had wanted to be Bat Man for most of the year, then a few weeks back Superman slipped in, only for the words 'Papa, I Wanna Be A Basketball Player Like You' to come out in the final hour. He was insistent that he also had facial hair like me.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Two Peas In A Pod

There's no doubt that Kai & Matisse-Ciel are going to be a classic brother team in the years to come. I will say, that right now, the coolest twosome is Kiana & Matisse. She has shined so much with how her love for Matisse-Ciel is expressed. From the games she plays, to the soothing way she looks at him while he's in her arms. You can already tell how much he enjoys being close to her. Outside of how special this relationship is, it also comes in real handy when Claudia & I need to take a parent nap!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Evidence For The Court

My mother provided some examples yesterday of how much Matisse-Ciel looks like me as a baby (this is me at 8 months, weighing as much as Kiana weighs now :). What came from looking at the pictures, was fear of how big he's gonna get! The story is that I never crawled just sat around eating until one day there was some food on the table - I stood up for the first time and walked for the first time over to get it. Matisse-Ciel does have this incredible sparkle whenever it's feeding time.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Milk Does A Body Good!

You hear all the time about how California is really body conscious. Well, I never thought it would come into play only 2 months after Ciel came into the world. The doctor didn't say he needed a diet, but did highlight how he is currently in the 70% bracket for his age in weight. Keep in mind, that was a 20% jump from just a couple of weeks ago. He comes in at the 95% bracket for height at his age, which confirms Shaq will finally have a true competitor in the coming years.

Looks like he's gonna have to loose 1 feeding for the day. Poor little dude - I mean from the looks of it, he seems pretty happy with that belly.

Birth - 8 lbs, 20 in

2mths - 12.5 lbs 8 oz, 25 in

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I Wanna Be Like Mike

This evening was a little tough for Matisse-Ciel. We think it might have been some type of stomach pain because he just couldn't find a happy place. As the time went along we thought we should pull out the sure fire 'instant calm' - we decided to give him a nice warm bath. This kid is classic Laguna and of course instantly settled down and started to enjoy the water. I told him about the great Michael Jordan and how he would amaze the crowd with his flying act. Matisse seemed to be listening to the story but I knew for sure when I asked him how Michael Jordan looked when he played - a second later Ciel popped out his tongue to show the MJ signature look.

Kai's Book - Coming Soon

Kai tends to ask a lot if he can have the camera and take pictures around the house. Usually he returns with several pictures of his 'Transformers' or some obscure image, that he can't even remember what it was. The other day when going through the photos he took, I came across easily my favorite picture from the young photographer.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Big Dog & Little Dog

We tend to take turns on letting the kids pick Ciel's outfits for the day. Kai had been campaigning for some time to rock this combo.

It was almost as if Matisse-Ciel knew wearing the same outfit was a cool thing to do. He's been hanging with his brother all day and pretty happy about it.

I was lucky that there wasn't a shirt in my size, since I know Claudia would have asked me to bust it out today too.

Friday, October 19, 2007


We were left with a dilemma of letting quite a few seasonal clothes go to waste on Ciel or start putting them on now. So since it was a perfect fit, here he is rocking 'Santa's Helper' onesie from Grandma. We let him rock it all day and sleep time to make sure we maxed the gift out. We have friends that have sent us clothes and during the shipment he has grown out of them. Our neighbor asked if we had another young child before Matisse because they felt there was now way it was the same kid they just saw a week ago. I told Kai he might have that basketball partner sooner than we thought.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


This dude is growing way too fast. He has blown out of 90% of his 3 month clothes and is fitting into about 70% of his 6 month clothes. This jacket is a prime example of something that was big on him a blink ago. The poor kid makes grunting sounds when you dress him because he can't breathe in most of his gear. I had him try on one of MY shirts and it didn't look that bad on him. This is a classic Ransom gene, where we grow super fast at first and then slow down in the later years. Let's hope the German kicks in and he becomes the first 6 footer!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Kai hat etwas verloren!!!

Vorgestern hat Kai seinen 1. Zahn verloren... darauf ist er natuerlich sehr stolz. Nach amerikanischer Tradition hat Kai nachts den Zahn unter sein Kissen gelegt und auf die Zahnfee gewartet. Zu unserer grossen Ueberraschung hat die Zahnfee fuer Kai $20 hinterlassen... Kiana und Mika waren sehr neidisch, denn sie bekommen von der Zahnfee immer nur $1... anscheinend hat die Fee vor kurzer Zeit ein Baby bekommen und hat in ihrer Muedigkeit in der Dunkelheit die Scheine verwechselt...


The kids have been fired up to decorate the outside with spooky webs & spiders. Claudia and I were pretty fired up until the neighbors set an unattainable decor high. They have managed to decorate the entire outside first and second floor. They even have some spooky creatures hanging from the front balcony. Understanding that we couldn't reach that high, we at first spent days appreciating our neighbors creation. When the dust settled, the kids forged on to make their own version of greatness. Here's a shot of some 'Spooky' for the extrance of the house. The only thing I'm concerned about is my 92 year old Grandma, having to do the Limbo to get in. I should call and let her know to start practicing now.

Monday, October 15, 2007


I'm really enjoying the daily changes in Matisse-Ciel's face. Lately many people have said he's looking more and more like me (I wish I was this cute). What's cool about all these changes in his face, is that when I look into his eyes, I can see Claudia looking back at me. There are subtle things they both do with how they look at me. Claudia says it's the look of love that makes them so similar.


Life is coming full circle... today I turned 36 and I look back on pictures of myself as a baby and now Matisse-Ciel at 36 days old....

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Who's Sleeping In My Bed?

Matisse-Ciel always gets a laugh at me trying to say anything in German.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

One Lucky Click

I had to post his shot since it was the hardest photo shoot with Ciel to date. It was so hard because of the fabric he was wearing and the slick material of the chair. The average shot was a blur of him sliding down, but I was lucky enough to capture this one before he went into blur mode.

I have a series of shots like this if anyone is interested ;)

Zwei Brueder

Ich bin's mal wieder! Fuer lange Zeit hatten die "Frauen" in diesem Haushalt die Oberhand, es stand 3:2. Aber mit der Geburt von Matisse-Ciel haben wir nun Gleichstand. Ich freue mich ganz besonders fuer Kai.... nicht nur war er mit seinen Piraten, Legosteinen, Autos und Dinosauriern meistens in der Minderheit (Kiana und Mika haben dank der Demokratie mit ihren Vorschlaegen, Barbie oder Disco zu spielen, immer gewonnen), aber er war ja auch immer der Kleine, und musste immer einfach mitziehen. Tja und nun, wie Kai es ja schon selber waehrend der Schwangerschaft immer gesagt hat, darf auch er der Boss von jemandem sein... Und wen darf denn dann MC herumkommandieren? Vielleicht schaffen wir uns dafuer ein Meerschweinchen an wenn die Zeit kommt....

Monday, October 8, 2007


After getting a solid challenge from his Nephew 'Greatness' (aka Lathan), KAI*NIEVAL decided to step his game up and bring out 'The Bike'.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Ransomville Sunset

Even though it wasn't as cool as a beach sunset, I thought it was still worth sharing. We took this shot while hanging out on the deck in the back.

MTV Cribs

Matisse-Ciel couldn't have been more happy to rock his new bed. The Green Machine was a really cool bed for the first couple of weeks, but he was growing so fast that it had to go. Looking at this picture, I can't help but get a little sad, since I know one day our little guy won't fit in there.

Lights, Camera & Action!

With our little man the whole smiling thing is a new skill that he's working his way into. As a parent, you spend hours trying new techniques of goofy faces and sounds in the hopes that this will be the the thing that triggers that special grin. We have a couple easy ones like a kiss on the neck or some crazy high pitch story telling. His eyes get really big and then......wait...for the camera It usually takes both hands and too much concentration for the capture with the camera. This shot was cool, since all it took was me rushing up on him and going..."Do You See Daddy".......Smile...Snap! Can you imagine our poor parents wasting rolls of film in the hopes one of the pictures might capture a hint of a smile.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Hard To Say Goodbye

Vacations never last as long as you would hope they would. The last two weeks seemed like a blink when it came to spending time with Sabina & Holger. Like anyone visiting California they had pretty full activities planned throughout the visit. If the kids had their choice, Sabina & Holger would have spend all their time at the beach & at home playing dress up.

In the end I always feel the saddest for Claudia because she only gets to see family in pockets once a year. And, I know it's hard to always appreciate your current life and know this life choice has brought you so far from family members. She was this 20 year old kid taking an adventure away from home to California for a few months, that has been going on for 20 years.

No matter how many sunny days, it'll never take the place of family. The kids and I are going to have a nice feel good Ransom blanket, ready for Claudia tonight.

Just Like His PAPA

If I had to guess one thing Matisse-Ciel wanted it would be to be able to sleep another way besides on his back. With his recent rapid growth and strength, we had a test run of him on his belly and as you can see, he seems pretty happy. I can really sympathize since on my stomach is my favorite way to sleep. Matisse loves to have me on my back with himself resting on top of me - now I love to hear him sleep and be at peace but most of the time I'm thinking it would be nice to be on my belly too! I'm looking forward to getting Kai, Ciel & Me on a power nap all on our bellies!

Monday, October 1, 2007

The New Playhouse

Matisse-Ciel wondered what was this big contraption Papa was putting together in the living room. Once I placed him inside I could only imagine his little mind thinking "I'm Moving Up In This World". Compared to the Green Machine, this is a mansion! I was able to prop him up on the edge and he enjoyed hanging out like that for some time. He just looked around until of course he made the baby flop. Ciel asked me to withhold any photos of the flop. Out of my loyalty, I have agreed to this. There is a flop folder (and a bath folder) that I'll share once he brings over his first girl-'friend'.