Friday, November 23, 2007


Visiting my Grandma since the birth of Matisse-Ciel has had some interesting moments. The first was watching the struggle (fight) between my mom and my Grandma to hold Matisse-Ciel. Second, was the careful watch of everyone while my Grandma holds him. She's in total control, but Matisse-Ciel early on wasn't always on the same page. There is much greater ease now with Ciel closing in on 3 months, and there being a better base of control on his end. My Grandma understanding there was some uneasiness, has longed for the current phase. While holding him today he gave her a great smile (wish I could have caught that in an image for her) and while smiling back, I saw she started to tear up. It was an incredible moment to witness and has to rank as one, if not my favorite moment of interaction with Matisse-Ciel. My Grandma has wondered how & sometimes why she has managed to live so long (93 years in Jan.) - moments like this make it clear for me.

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