Friday, February 29, 2008

Herzlichen Glueckwunsch - Ich bin schon 6 Monate alt!!!

Hallo Leute -
Da ich jetzt schon ein halbes Jahr alt bin, darf ich jetzt endlich auch mal was sagen... oder eher, babbeln. Ich finde es total toll was mein Papa hier macht - - - wirklich, ganz toll. Er hat mich zum Superstar gemacht. Aber manchmal haette ich auch gerne mal fuer 5 Minuten KEINE Kamera im Gesicht damit ich mal in Ruhe an meiner Socke nuckeln kann. Immer ist es klick, klick, klick... mein Papa ist ein Paparazzi!!! Aber ich muss schon sagen, dass mein Papa sich wirklich anstrengt... er singt mir Lieder vor, er duscht mit mir, er macht lustige Fratzen... herrlich!
Und dann ist da ja noch die Mama.... was soll ich mehr sagen als "MILCH"!!! Und die Mama ist so schon weich und warm - - - nur das abknutschen ist manchmal ein wenig viel.
Aber am allerbesten sind meine drei grossen Geschwister...
Kiana knuddelt mit mir am Morgen und traegt mich im ganzen Haus herum...
Mika hopst immer vor meiner Nase herum und ich muss immer total lachen wenn sie mit ihrer Babysprache "Matissimo mo mo mo, ei wo isser denn der kleine bu bu bu bu" macht...
Und Kai ist natuerlich der aller-coolste von allen denn er hat die tollsten Spielsachen: Autos, Roboter, Superman-Kostuem... und er kann auf dem Skateboard fahren... der ist einfach sooooooo cool.
Ich finde es total bloed dass die zur Schule muessen... wozu soll denn das gut sein??? Ich koennte die hier viiiiiel besser zu meiner Unterhaltung gebrauchen... denn wenn Mama spuelt und Papa am Computer ist wird mir manchmal schon stinklangweilig!!! Aber es dauert niemals lange!!!
Jedenfalls wollte ich allen danken dass ihr uns hier auf umserem Blog immer so schoen besucht!!!
Ganz viele Sabberkuesse von mir,
Matisse-Ciel LaMont Ransom

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Matisse-Ciel has begun a huge love affair with his tongue. At first I thought I left a Michael Jordan highlight reel running on loop that he happened to see. However, unlike Mike, this little guy seems to find a reason to stick his tongue out whether he's playing a game or not. I think he was even trying to do it in his sleep the other night.

At first it was subtle with a random photo with the tongue creeping out. And, then you had to start searching for photos without it.

This is the first week we've started feeding MC on solid foods. It should have been the highlight of the post, but as you can see, he found a way to get the tongue into the spotlight even on this photo. We have now embraced the 'tongue movement' and have even started a special folder to hold them all.

Saturday, February 23, 2008


It didn't take long before Matisse-Ciel started smiling excessively for the ladies. He just seems to know when to turn the charm on. If a woman mentions his eyes you'll notice a subtle wink - if she calls him handsome, instantly he goes into 'shy boy'. However no woman has inspired him to do more than Claudia (easy call on that one). The latest inspired action can been see in this video:

This may seem small to some but it should be noted that I made little to no movement until I was well into year 1. And, from all accounts I only moved because I couldn't reach the food from where I was currently laying down. At this rate compared to me, Matisse-Ciel is pacing to be a World Class Triathlete.

Friday, February 22, 2008


The days of gangsters being tough guys is fading pretty fast. Not to say there aren't tough people out on the street (wanna make sure I don't offend the old school gangsters). Matisse-Ciel is being groomed for the modern day gangster with qualities like intelligence, sharp dresser and good with the ladies. He would fall along the lines with the old school Rat Pack gangsters.

His current crew consist of Greatness (Lathan), Kai and the newest members Garret & Tyler. Mark my words this is going to be a crew to be reckoned with.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


There are certain things that you can just count on in our house like:

* Kiana depleting the paper tray with some drawings of her latest inspiration

* Mika wanting to snuggle when you're in the middle of finishing a report

* Kai dressing in shorts when it's raining and in 3 coats when the sun is blazing

* Claudia wanting to snuggle when you're in the middle of finishing a report

And, you can always count on Matisse-Ciel finding a way to wiggle out of his socks. It's doesn't matter how high we have them up his legs, this little guy can shake them loose. He's the Houdini of sock escapes and outside of putting some shoes on him while he sleeps, I think he has this trick mastered.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Kaum zu glauben das Matisse-Ciel Ende Februar schon 6 Monate alt wird. Seine Persoenlichkeit kommt immer mehr zum Vorschein und jeden Tag scheint er mehr Freude and den Kindern zu haben. Mika kann mit ihrem Singen und Tanzen ein ganz suesses Kichern aus ihm locken (siehe Bild). Kiana liest ihm gerne Buecher vor und der kleine Kerl hoert dann ganz gespannt zu. Kai drueckt ihm ein Spielzeug-Schwert in die Hand und fechtet mit ihm wie die Ritter. Er kennt nun seine Familie und es ist zu suess wie er laechelt und vor Freude zappelt wenn er einen von uns entdeckt. Schade dass Oma, Opa und Tante Sabina so weit wegwohnen... Matisse wuerde sicher auch fuer Euch ganz knuffelig grinsen und glucksen. Hoffentlich lernt er auch Euch bald kennen...

Saturday, February 16, 2008


For those that are weekly readers of the blog, you should remember our 'MOST ANTICIPATED OF 2008' list.

Let me take a second to mark one off the list by introducing without a doubt the highlight of 2008:

These two cuties and sure to be best buds of Kai & Matisse-Ciel were born on Valentine's Day. Now I thought Claudia gave me good gifts on V-Day, but this is the topper of them all. Mama Laurel is doing great and Papa Ralph is fitting into his daddy shoes nicely.

Friday, February 15, 2008


Today started pretty much like all the days this week with Matisse-Ciel not even thinking about a smile. The nose wasn't as stuffy, but he was still rocking that sad face. Whenever we tried to take a picture of him, he just stared at us with that look of 'Is This Going To Be How My Life Is?'.

However, by early evening he was making one of those Joe Montana comebacks in the 4th quarter. With a crew of 6, each player needs to make it happen for a successful day. We're all glad to see our new rookie picking up his slack.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


It's been a slow post week because sadly the biggest event has been poor little Matisse-Ciel not feeling so good. It came to the point that we went to the doctor just to play it safe since he was having a hard time breathing. We were glad the tests came back negative for anything serious, and now we just need to monitor him for the rest of the week.

For the most part all of his activities have centered around sleeping and crying while he tries to breath through a really stuffy nose (luckily it's been more sleeping than anything). The nose has been so stuffed that he has entertained sleeping on his back. This was a major change since he has chosen his stomach from the second month on. We're looking forward to getting those smiles back so we can get our Ransomsoul Swagger on again .

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Last night was a little tough for both our little boys. Kai seems to have an ear ache and he was up for a couple of hours not feeling well at all. He eventually went back to sleep and from the looks of it, he's having some nice dreams. Matisse-Ciel has a stuffy nose and breathing was giving him some trouble around 5am.

I took him into the family room to hang with me so Claudia could get some sleep. We rarely have an active night, but if we do, Claudia tends to be the one to hear it - so I was glad to be able and give her some extra Zzzz's this morning. Matisse-Ciel & I hung out on the couch and he seemed perfectly fine showing off his neck skills. This only lasted for about 20min until he decided sleep was a solid option for him.

So now I find myself with no bed because I don't want to wake up Claudia going back into the room. I figure this would be a good time to knock out a run, but it sure looks cold outside.

Thursday, February 7, 2008


With a smaller package in the house Kai has seemed like a massive little man of late. There's not a day that Claudia & I don't mention how big he's getting. We've even felt like someone has shrunk his clothes - it's our way of denying the facts.

Hanging with his big sisters even makes him come off much older. Everything from helping clean to making his breakfast, there are constant signs of his growth.

However, at the end of the day Kai is still our little baby boy. He still loves to cuddle, he still takes 10min to tell a 2 min story, he's still scared of the dark and he still seems to have no urgency to stop any of these things. And, we must admit we're very happy that he's not.

Monday, February 4, 2008


I've mentioned it before, but I just love getting out of the car after a long drive and opening the backdoor to get Matisse-Ciel out. Each parent has their favorite moments from watching a baby sleep or making them laugh. The look I get when the door opens, from a loving stare to a big smile, is a moment that gets me every time. He just gives me so much in that second that it can fill my heart for the day. They all grow up and we end up having other special moments, but I'm going to try and milk this one for all it's worth.

Sunday, February 3, 2008


We had a nice little celebration for my Grandma's 93rd birthday (born Jan. 1/31/15). It's almost impossible to process the incredible sights she has seen in her life. Just looking back on the growth in technology, it's hard to put yourself in her shoes. Within her lifetime she has had the pleasure to be apart of some many 'firsts'. I was going to list a few but it seemed to not do justice of how grand the list really is. Noted below are links highlighting her incredible run:

Modern Inventions of 2000

An additional window will open, so feel free to click away.

Saturday, February 2, 2008


Claudia picked up this cool space mobil for Matisse-Ciel. As we got into building the piece I watched the little man and he seemed to have no interest in the project.

All that changed when we popped him down in the drivers seat. There where so many things to bang, pull and spin - you could just see his mind working as he went through the cockpit controls.

We've tried to explain this isn't actually a spacecraft. I would say he is starting to understand but I must admit, he hasn't looked up at me since getting in. He might be flying in his mind for all I know.

Friday, February 1, 2008


Surprisingly Kai has had little interest in showcasing his KAI*NIEVEL skills on the bike. Instead he has opted for yet another alter ego:

Don't be fooled by the face - this guy is a mean fighting machine. Once he comes out, it would be best to just get out of his way.

Luckily the type of attacks he attempts require a high level of balance so that he tends to fall over before the blow can actually hit you. We have noticed that each time he does get a little better, so we continue to stroll the house never knowing if today is the day we meet out maker.