Monday, March 3, 2008


It's well known that I'm one of the better sleepers. Having 4 kids has pushed this up to be my greatest gift. After all these years Claudia still thinks I might be faking it a little. When she tells of stories that one child woke up for this and another for that, I'm always amazed. Luckily the kids are perfecting the same gene and they all sleep pretty hard, too.

The early riser in the crew is Matisse-Ciel because at 6am it's time to eat. And, when it's time to eat, this guy has little on his mind besides getting the eating underway.

After the feeding is knocked out, then it's all about the love. He seems to be just as amazed with us as he was the morning before. Little does he know how amazed we are with him every second of the day.

Now, I value sleeping as one of the top enjoyments of life. For those that don't have this gift (sorry honey), I do hope you eventually get it. I will say, no matter how good the sleep, there's still nothing like waking up.

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Anonymous said...

What a precious pic! Deep brown eyes so full of love. Very sweet!