Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Every great athlete will challenge himself in the quest to take his talents to the next level. KAI*NIEVEL is just like the past great athletes with his own constant challenge of high level stunts. However, with every stunt comes a high risk factor and there comes a time when the risk outplays the reward. KAI*NIEVEL challenged himself to ride down a hill that may have never been even thought of as a road. He took to this hill like it was something he needed to take, in a way of proving to himself that he is the greatest. We all watched as he went by us in speeds never seen before - the hair brushed back on Matisse-Ciel's head from the strong wind. Kiana & Mika swore they saw sparks coming from the back of his bike. Just as we thought the stunt had been completed, we noticed that KA*NIEVL was not slowing up. There seemed to be something wrong with his brakes - maybe they had burned out or KAI*NIEVEL just got caught up in the high of the ride. Nonetheless, he was heading for some serious trouble as he approached some tall trees that had no intention of moving.

KAI*NIEVEL, even under much stress, was able to brace himself and minimize the impact. Even with that, he suffered some trauma to his Hollywood face. As I carried him back to the car, he waved to his fans and assured them he would return to complete this stunt. KAI*NIEVEL would like to say thank you to all the well-wishers and to remind the kids to never stop believing in your dreams.

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