Friday, April 25, 2008


Yes, yes, this is Kai's birthday weekend and since it only happens once a year, he definitely deserves to be celebrated and focused on ALL WEEKEND LONG. But once in a blue moon something so important and monumental and disturbing comes along, that a simple pleasure like a child's birthday has to take a backseat.

Let me go back in time a few weeks........

It was early 2008 and all of the media was abuzz with a new and hip trend in deliciousness: PINKBERRY. We first saw it mentioned on "Cavemen", then read about it in "People", it popped up a few more times in blogs and websites until Claudia and I could take it no longer: we had to join the movement! We made the trek to the Orange location (30 minute car ride) and, thinking of ourselves as modern design connoisseurs, immediately felt like we were coming home when we saw the store's ultrachic decor.... yes, yes, we belong here! Bright colors, lucite, glass and Italian stuff - we are soooo cool and soooo PINKBERRY. The tatooed and pierced funky staff made us feel so young and made us feel like there are songs to be sung...

We could have stopped right there and reveled in the knowledge of being part of this sect.... BUT, we then made the huge mistake of actually tasting PINKBERRY. How do you say - HEAVEN!!! There are no words that would do it justice... To make this fairy tale complete, this stuff is frozen yogurt... healthy, lo-calorie... I mean almost as good as eating a carrot!!! We felt as though we had found a friend for life. We gulped down two gigantic medium combos AND got another one for the trip home. Claudia and I looked at each other smugly in the car - we are too cool for school. This was ritual was repeated every day - with total disrespect for the environment with the blatant misuse of gasoline just for our enjoyment. When something tastes this good, ozone just doesn't matter.
This love affair continued for months... because of nuisances like children's school schedules, homework, and other comittments we couldn't visit our shangri-la every day, but tried to make the trip at least a couple of time per week.
How happy were we this week when we received confirmation that a new PINKBERRY was going to open at Irvine Spectrum - SCORE!!! Claudia and I were giddily high-fiving each other...
Little did we know that ONE, just one trip into our new Irvine location, the world as we knew it would come crashing down around us:

The ingredients list for Original Pinkberry has 23 items. Skim milk and nonfat yogurt are listed first, then three kinds of sugar: sucrose, fructose and dextrose. Fructose and maltodextrin, another ingredient, are both laboratory-produced ingredients extracted from corn syrup.

The list includes at least five additives defined by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization as emulsifiers (propylene glycol esters, lactoglycerides, sodium acid pyrophosphate, mono- and diglycerides); four acidifiers (magnesium oxide, calcium fumarate, citric acid, sodium citrate); tocopherol, a natural preservative; and two ingredients — starch and maltodextrin — that were characterized as fillers.

IN OTHER WORDS.....Pinkberry's As Natural As Pamela Anderson.

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