Tuesday, May 27, 2008


It's very common to hear German children songs coming from the kids room. This is always a fun time with the kids laughing and singing as loud as they can. Matisse-Ciel already seems to have a favorite or two than bring him big smiles and loud screams when he hears them. So when I heard some odd German tunes coming from the other room with MC screaming, I didn't think too much of it. This slowly started to change as I heard notes that I've never heard before. And, the screams from MC sounded less like an attempt to sing but more like a cry for help. As I approached the room, I could see MC with an expression like none I'd ever seen before. The only way to describe it, is to use the 'Shock & Awe' reference. I slowly began to be inflicted with the same expression as my eyes focused in on the USM (Unidentified Singing Mom). It's not that at this point we haven't completely accepted Claudia's unique singing style. We've grown to appreciate that it doesn't matter if she's singing funk, country, pop or rock - it's always in the same key. This can only be appreciated if you hear her rendition of 'One Nation Under A Groove' compared to 'These Boots Were Made For Walking' - you would think you're hearing the same song.

So even though Matisse-Ciel was obviously hoping to get get some assistance, I had to walk away as I've done with each child. This is a hard lesson to understand at 9 months but it will give him strength in the years to come. However, I'm a little worried because ever since this last performance he's been spending a lot of time looking out the patio glass. It's as if he's plotting an escape or trying to figure out how he can strengthen his meditation skills during stressful moments.


Anonymous said...

Don't Look Into The Light Little Dude!

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This guy even has a cute profile.