Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Women are from Mars, Men are from Venus. Or was it the other way around? In any case, that author came up with the greatest excuse for men to refrain from any domestic activity (amongst a carte blanche excuse for all kinds of other stuff): Men are pretty much from another planet and they just can't help not helping. Poor souls. Because they totally want to but some innate force is tying their hands behind their back. So sorry, wish I could help you.
So knowing this, we, as women, would never ever in a million years even dream of a man being able to master the incredibly difficult skill of MULTI-TASKING. It's just not in their DNA. It's a woman's right of passage.
I say "HA"!
Just caught Jason quadruple, YES, QUADRUPLE-tasking:
1. Totally enthralled in watching BASKETBALL while
2. passionately discussing POLITICS on the home phone with a friend while
3. playing level 18 of a PUZZLE on his iPhone while
4. being a PAPA and bouncing Matisse-Ciel on his lap.
And he didn't look the least bit stressed!
If I had put a bowl of peach cobbler in front of him he could have easily upped it to a quintuple feat...
Can't wait until tomorrow when I will ask him to fold the laundry while vacuuming while feeding Matisse while blowing up balloons and opening the pickle jar.


Ann said...

This is SERIOUS multi-tasking, I am SO impressed. If he gives lessons, I will pay him to come teach my husband...

Anonymous said...

He's starting to understand that he can't keep this special gift to himself. Maybe we should make a 'How To' video and post it on the blog. You Tube has seen a lot but this could be a classic....right up there with the talking dog - the ones that say "Hello...or...I Love You".

Anonymous said...

How did the vacuuming and folding laundry go the next day?