Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Just like Charlie, I've been blessed with my own angels. The men in this house can't imagine what life would be without them. Outside of actually having to do something around the house, we would be at such a loss of affection. You can actually feel the energy to love us coming from their hearts. This energy continues to be the base of our family and has insured Kai & Matisse-Ciel will be men who love & respect women - not sure about the high school years since us men tend to struggle then...but later they are going to be great. Hopefully between the 3 men we bring them some joy from time to time. Since we all have the gift to make them laugh, there are moments this gift can overshadow our shortcomings. This is not to say (or admit) we actually have 'real flaws' but I will say that laughter continues to be our saving grace during 'misunderstandings'.


Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful team. Charlie's angels couldn't challenge this crew.

Anonymous said...

All blue eyes and dark hair... beautiful family!

Anonymous said...

You guys seem like a really cool family... keep loving each other.