Friday, May 9, 2008


Mika's school took a trip to the local library a few weeks ago, and, ever since she came home and proudly showed us her own library card, she has been bugging to go back. We've been successfully delaying the trip by bribing the kids with more TV time and Happy Meals from McDonald's. This afternoon, however, the guilt got the better of me and we finally piled into the car to get the little bugger off my back once and for all.

Already feeling like Super Mom for going in the first place, I immediately warned the kids upon our arrival to make it spiffy - my phone has only so many games I can play with while waiting for them to pick out THIS horse book or THAT horse book. And just one book for each of you, okay? While leaning against the wall being incredibly bored, I remembered a new book that I wanted to pick up at Barnes & Noble. Hmmmm. Books & Library, Library & Books. I scanned the room and, lo and behold, the library person, I think they're called a librarian, was doing nothing else but beckoning me with a very disarming smile. Okay, why not... I meandered to the desk and, guess what? They totally had the book... for free!!! Being completely inspired by the concept, I spent the next hour or so lazily fingering many spines... while the kids waited for ME. Incredibly pleased with myself for being such an amazing mom (saved $121.06), we left the library with the above loot. Also got some political reads for Jason and a few books for Matisse-Ciel to drool over, literally.

I know books make great gifts and some of them are worth having and keeping, but think about how redundant buying a book can be versus finding it for free in a library. You buy it, you read it, and then.... you either keep it on your shelf never to be opened again or you eventually GASP! toss it in the trash. If you are green, you may even recycle or donate it to a library. I'm not saying don't ever buy a book again, just check out your library and give it some thought before you plunk down the money at the book store.

One tree makes about 150 books, so I only saved about a branch... but it's a start. Having said all this, we will surely make many more trips to the book store and kill a few more trees in our lifetime. But thanks to Mika, we found a fun way to spend time together, save money and do something good for our planet.


Anonymous said...

??? you have an on your blog and you make fun of Barnes & Noble...

Anonymous said...

Good story... libraries are a dying breed and more people should ggo.