Thursday, July 31, 2008


A sure winner is to have a nice picnic for dinner at the park. It also helps not feeling too guilty with having desert, knowing you'll be chasing this crew around afterwards.


So the girls (+Tissi) took a trip to the zoo, leaving Kai & me alone at the house. With that kind of freedom in front of us, there where 3 key things needed to be put on & checked off the list.

1. Frozen Yogurt (current addiction YogurtLand)
2. Basketball/Kickball/Soccer at the park
3. Costume Time

Knocking out 1 & 2 comes pretty easy with it being a common activity in Ransomville. Costume time is reserved only for very special occasions. Kai is fully in charge of when to rock the Super Hero ensembles collected over the years. What makes it exciting for me, is never knowing what combination he's going to put together. This combo of Spiderman & Batman has to be one of my favorites. He really gets into character by roaming around the grounds searching to resolve any issues that arise. Since Ransomville is a crime free community, in the end Kai*derman usually winds up in a lot of photo ops. In his own words he says:

" I Do What I Can For The Kids" - They Love Me!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Along with the joy that every parent gets when their child begins to show off the new skill of pulling themselves up, comes the deep worry of them possibly busting their head. The day has come & the only thing on the table up for grabs is:

*When Will It Happen

*How Bad Will The Fall Be

This picture captures how Matisse-Ciel is in training to have possibly the greatest fall of all time. This picture is only a preparation of what will be a much bigger event. The one thing he has on his side, is that there are 5 pairs of eyes looking out for this very special occasion. The question we have is: Who will win in this 'Faller' vs. 'Savers' challenge? We'll keep you updated with the progress in this event.

Monday, July 28, 2008


(by: C*) With August being just around the corner, we felt the beginning of school breathing down our necks and decided to step up the fun factor before the "good times" are over. With this in mind, the girls, Tissi and I took off for the Santa Ana Zoo this morning. Kai opted for a day with daddy to do "boy stuff" and they have pictures to prove that they were off in their own fantasy world (post and pics to follow) - girls not allowed!!!
Without daddy and Kai stealing any of our attention, Tissi was in heaven as every ooh and aah was answered by three women. It was his first time at a zoo and a great age to bring him - mouth agape, eyes big, babbling and finger pointing like crazy, he loved the monkeys, ostriches, llamas, lemurs and birds... but completely lost his cool when a goat was trying to lick his fingers.
Zoo - YES!, Petting Zoo - NO!!!

PS.: Next time we're bringing the big boys... we just missed them way too much!!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Since his brother rocks them all the time, it's no surprise that MC likes to throw on a hat when the feelings right. This feeling tends to be a lot between the two of them. Surprisingly at MC's age it's very rare that he pulls them off once put on. It could be at this point he still thinks it's part of his head or the weight is so light he doesn't notice it's on.

We enjoyed this little knit cap so much that we got a matching one for Kai. I'll try and post some pics of the two of them next week. It's as cute as you could imagine...or at least as cute as we imagine :)

Thursday, July 24, 2008


For those poor little Goldfish when TC gets his paws on them. Like a cat he just watches & waits as he puts the Master Plan together. There's a current height problem that doesn't allow for him to get full extension into the fountain, but that is diminishing daily. It's just a matter of time until he's stricken with the obvious question:

Now That I Caught This Fish, What Do I Do With It?

Friday, July 18, 2008


Even though the professions change daily with Kiana, we couldn't help but get a good smile out of the latest. Yesterday we noticed her carrying our landscape rocks to the Jacuzzi. Since she knows that she has to put them back after playing, I wondered why she would even bother to move them. With all the kids in the water, the noise level seemed entirely too low to not have a story attached to it. I went outside and instead of having cannonball jumps into the water, I found Kiana giving 'Hot Rock' treatments to her crew. This was not a giggle feast, but one all the kids were taking very serious. I was able to snap this pic before being asked to leave and respect her clients' privacy. Afterwards I noticed all the kids had a glow to them and just seemed to have better inner peace. Claudia & I have booked a couple of sessions next week since we figure once she blows up it might be impossible to get in.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ja & Na 2.0

An actual time machine hasn't been invented (as far as we know), but I can't help but look at these two and not feel like I've been transported back to my own childhood. I can see my little brother Nathan (can you still be a 'little brother' at 30 years & 200+ pounds?), while watching Matisse-Ciel with his constant effort to try and hang out, and Kai balancing wanting to grow up so fast all the while making his brother feel he's part of the plan. It's truly a special thing to be around and constantly fills my heart with joy. Knowing they have each other to take on the world makes this Double Feature Movie the best bang for the buck.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Being a Southern California boy, Tissi got up at 5am this morning to go surfing with his buddies. There was a gnarly south swell and he caught some killer waves. After the session, true to form, he changed from his wetsuit into his O'Neill pants on the side of the road, his bum barely concealed by a towel... he certainly enjoyed the hooting and hollering from the ladies driving by.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Having three older siblings, Matisse-Ciel tends to get more attention than toys - he pulls, pushes, climbs & sits on them and they are the best interactive toy, hands-down. So, while having dinner at our friends house, MC noticed a 'Joy Toy' that he couldn't have even dreamed up at this point. It was half Bubble Maker, half Choo-Choo. His new thing is climbing and he acted as if no climb felt better than the one taking place on this machine. He was having so much joy that Christine (danke!!!) suggested for us to take it home. While at the beach today, we surprised him and took it out for some fun. This short video says it all. When a toy is a winner, it's a winner. After viewing the video and MC setting the bar so high, we all feel there's a need for us to step it up in the future if we want to express our thanks for something!

Friday, July 11, 2008


Our most recent pack duo is Mika & Kai. The duo combos change all the time depending on the events going on in the day. This one tends to take form every time we go to the 'Jungle Gym'. There's one in particular by the YMCA that works on many levels. It has grass & sand for Matisse-Ciel to crawl/drag around all he wants. It has shade for Claudia & I to lay down for those eyes open naps. Kiana, being the oldest one, tends to find her way back to the leaders to hang out and share a play by play of every event of the moment.

While all of this is happening, Mika & Kai attack the obstacle course with great focus. Of course you don't climb the structure as intended - it is much more fun to climb on top of play structure roofs and outside bars - ninja style. Claudia gets nervous at times, but I let her know that every great climber started off with these tasks. Not knowing their future, I figure we need to get out of the way to let them try out different trades. How sad would it be if they turn out to be Great World Scientist but deep in their heart they really wanted to be a Great World Rock Climber? Mika's not really into sweating so we're not thinking she'll go down this path but has some impressive finger strength... so one never knows.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Friday, July 4, 2008





Thursday, July 3, 2008


70 days and counting left of summer vacation - we've tried to keep the clock full of activities of fun and studies. Like it was for me as a child, if you can disguise the studies with fun, then it's a lot easier to take down. Our recent 'Study Class' consisted of going to a petting zoo in Laguna. It should be noted, that if you're going to a 'Local Zoo' (unlike LA/San Diego Zoo), it tends to be a lot of Chicken, Rabbits, Birds & Horses. You should not expect to see anything too exotic, except if you enjoy people watching.

Now for the learning aspect, it's all there for the taking. We were able to confirm why a rabbit as a pet was a bad idea - since you would need two and those two turn into around 200 if you're lucky enough to score a few studs. We confirmed that asking a local zoo attendant about an animal will most likely get you an empty look unless it's something simple like 'Where Are The Horses'. To play it safe, we suggest staying away from any detailed question. And, lastly it was confirmed that horses stack up whether at a fair, farm or petting zoo. These guys are just pure winners for kids and our crew fall right in line with the love. Watching a recent special on the treatment of racing horses did inspire KIana to ask "Can We Find A Way To Let Them Escape?". That went away as soon as she rode a stallion and started yelling 'Getty Up Horsie'. All in all it was a fun event and with the gas savings its official our favorite zoo in the world.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Ladies, look out, because the duo of Kai(Kong) & Matisse(Zilla) is coming to your city in the next 10 years and they're going to be tough to handle. Some might think 10 years will be too soon for Matisse-Ciel, but with a brother like Kai, he's going to be sitting in a pretty good wingman position. Of course both of them might be too busy helping me beat down those foolishly brave boys trying to knock on the door for Kiana & Mika.