Monday, September 29, 2008

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008


We've already grown accustomed to the bedhead hair from Kai & Mika. For some reason, Kiana just doesn't wake up with that wild adventurous look. For a while we had thought that maybe, just maybe, Matisse-Ciel would be as fortunate as Kiana and escape the wrath of the comb that Kai & Mika fear so much. However, he is pacing not to be so lucky and has already been practicing his blocking technique whenever such combing devices come near him. He's even gone so far and tried protect Kai from undergoing this horrible ritual we do in the morning. I think this is why Kai, Matisse-Ciel & Mika like wearing hats so much - it allows for the hair to be wild without hearing even a mention of the 'C' word.


Friday, September 19, 2008


We were able to take a break in the action and enjoy a free day at the National Air & Space Museum. It made for a pretty cool history lesson with the journey of aviation.


I was finally able to catch one of those planes I would see flying nightly over the Longhorn restaurant. This shot was taken on my last run before getting back to the hotel to pack for the flight home. Chantilly was a nice place to visit but there's:

'No Place Like Home'!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Jason has been gone way too long... we are all quite blue and have very sad faces:

I can't wait for him to come home and have some wine together...

and put up our feet together...

The kids can't wait to have their juggler-jokester-hugger-do anything-superman back:

Because, after all...

Friday, September 12, 2008


Lest Jason call me incapable to work on the blog, here is yet another post... in less than 24 hours! With this being a year that the kids get to buy a new costume (see yesterday's post), the crew is not taking the opportunity lightly and they have been in discussions and meetings and web surfing sessions for weeks, just to make absolutely sure that each of them chooses the perfect costume. Kiana and Mika came to their final decisions rather quickly - their costumes will be revealed at a later point. But Kai has been struggling with the weight of the possibility to have his dream fulfilled - which dream, which fantasy, which persona to choose? His first pick was a Clone Trooper, but I messed up and got him the first Clone Trooper costume I came across at Target a few days ago - BIG MISTAKE! Apparently, there are many different Clone Troopers and I just have "noooo clue". So this one is back to the store - which opened up a whole new universe of possibilities for Kai... if there were a couple of choices on the table before yesterday, the visit to Costume Castle broadened his horizons and he now has a list of more than twenty characters he is pondering. And when I say pondering, I am being incredibly nice: the little guy talks about nothing else than all the pros and cons and ifs and butts and whys of each and every choice he may or may not make. Earplugs! We will keep you posted...

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Although Jason and I aren't the biggest Halloween participators, we always make a big hoopla out of it for the kids - decorating the house, dressing up, going to the Boo Blast and trick-or-treating for hours, or at least until we have enough Lemon Heads for Jason and enough Milky Ways for me. The kids only get to buy new costumes every other year, and 2008 is a lucky winner. With this in mind, we visited Costume Castle today. This is no mere Halloween costume shop - it's huge and they have everything from any movie, any era, in every color, size, and variying degrees of scariness, goriness, weirdness and authenticity - just like out of a Hollywood movie. The kids were blown away and walked around with eyes as huge as saucers, and, because of the aforementioned authenticity, they were also a little freaked out. The only one oblivious to the haunted house surroundings was our little pumpkin - he blew raspberries at a rat:

Played ball with a skull:

and snuggled with a giant tarantula:

After trying on a gazillion costumes while constantly looking over their shoulders, the kids were starving and ready to go. I was more than glad to oblige, because, even though I'd never admit it to the kids, "Mr. Zorban" was freaking ME out big time.


I'm fully aware that life goes on without an up-to-date post, but I will admit that I feel bad if I don't get something up. With that being said, I asked Claudia to hold down the responsibility of posting while I'm away on business. Even though she quickly agreed, I was sure that the time would be tight juggling 3 kids going back to school and the little man working on his sea legs.

Looking at the site to check on the latest happenings while I'm away, I figured I would slip in a post in to give the family something to read. Checking a blog to read about your own family is easily a 'sign of the times'. I'll make sure this is always an additional way of contact and never the lead option. Even though it hasn't been long in actual days/weeks, I've had this fear that the crew is on a time machine while I'm gone. I had this dream of coming home and having the girls driving a car, Kai hanging out with a girlfriend and Matisse signed up for soccer.

None of these things are negative when the time is right, but as for now, there is no rush in our funky bunch growing up. But the only way we can assure this dream doesn't come true (at at least in 08), is for me to get home and take the batteries out of Kai's time machine toy - just in case!

Monday, September 8, 2008


As many so many other little boys, Kai is a huge fan of pirates - Jack Sparrow being his favorite and the costume a frequent get-up in the past couple of years; we've had a little pirate accompany us to the grocery store on many occasions. Lucky for us, Dana Point, which is a beach town very close to us, puts on the "Tall Ship Festival" every September and we went there yesterday. There were tons of old sailboats and hordes of pirates, parrots, and peg legs along with great food and booths selling all kinds of pirate paraphernalia.

The girls got to pick some "crown jewels" out of a treasure chest and Kai got to pick coins and touch some "real" skulls. As a bittersweet reminder of time never standing still, I recalled that last year Kai thought all these pirates were real - now he's older and wiser, but we all still had a blast.

In case anyone is wondering, Matisse literally slept the festival away - he was zonked out in the stroller.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Busy week for us. Jason is in San Francisco for his new job and the three big kids started school this week. Tissi is a little confused where everyone went, but I've been giving him extra attention. He sure likes that, but nothing excites him more than when his brother and sisters come home - they are just so much fun!!! Because of the heat we took a plunge in the jacuzzi and they kids vowed to stay in there until daddy comes home. They miss him so much - Kiana always says she will melt if he doesn't come home soon. Mika misses the snuggles and Kai the games and the wrestling. And Tissi just misses daddy's happy smile, his voice, his songs, his dancing, his hugs..... everything! Jason's just the coolest... hopefully he likes really clean, really wet and really wrinkly kids when he comes home.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008