Tuesday, September 23, 2008


We've already grown accustomed to the bedhead hair from Kai & Mika. For some reason, Kiana just doesn't wake up with that wild adventurous look. For a while we had thought that maybe, just maybe, Matisse-Ciel would be as fortunate as Kiana and escape the wrath of the comb that Kai & Mika fear so much. However, he is pacing not to be so lucky and has already been practicing his blocking technique whenever such combing devices come near him. He's even gone so far and tried protect Kai from undergoing this horrible ritual we do in the morning. I think this is why Kai, Matisse-Ciel & Mika like wearing hats so much - it allows for the hair to be wild without hearing even a mention of the 'C' word.


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Anonymous said...

That dude is too cute. Just want to eat him up!