Monday, September 8, 2008


As many so many other little boys, Kai is a huge fan of pirates - Jack Sparrow being his favorite and the costume a frequent get-up in the past couple of years; we've had a little pirate accompany us to the grocery store on many occasions. Lucky for us, Dana Point, which is a beach town very close to us, puts on the "Tall Ship Festival" every September and we went there yesterday. There were tons of old sailboats and hordes of pirates, parrots, and peg legs along with great food and booths selling all kinds of pirate paraphernalia.

The girls got to pick some "crown jewels" out of a treasure chest and Kai got to pick coins and touch some "real" skulls. As a bittersweet reminder of time never standing still, I recalled that last year Kai thought all these pirates were real - now he's older and wiser, but we all still had a blast.

In case anyone is wondering, Matisse literally slept the festival away - he was zonked out in the stroller.

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Anonymous said...

Not nearly as many posts without J. You need to step it up while he's gone. You guys have a lot of hungry readers!