Thursday, October 30, 2008


We didn't have nearly enough time to mourn the single road highway before Kai opened dual lanes. He is most impressed with these lanes because it allows him to drive food into his mouth without opening the garage. We just love the fact that he looks so cute and even though he's an older brother, it seems as if time has gone in reverse for a moment. Unless you're 70 years old, you can't help but look like a little kid with no front teeth. Matisse even seems a little older than Kai since he's currently rocking some teeth in the front.


We're all looking forward to the beautiful set of beavers that is sure to follow soon. Until then, the girls have propped Kai on the couch so they can all talk turns going...'Awwwwwwww'. Not one to normally like silly affection, he has actually seemed to enjoy the new look enough to let the girls have their way.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


The blog has been a little bare as of late and I've felt bad with the number of hits we've had coming in. There has been so much happening... new job, dog and some heavy weight coming from the poor health of my Grandma. Fortunately, the job and dog have been falling into place and I couldn't ask for much more in its current progression. Contacts are building and the business opportunities are coming together. Michon (dog) has been as cute and loving as any family could hope for when bringing in a pet. The kids have been adjusting to the dog nicely and the dog is slowly understanding that yes, it actually falls even below Matisse in the chain of command (MC is happy about this revelation).

This brings us to my Grandmother - she has taken a turn for the worse... it has seemingly happened overnight when you take into consideration that her health was pretty good just a couple of months ago at Matisse-Ciel's birthday party. One thing about my Grandma's health that I tend to take into account, is that she's 93 and has lived an incredible life. She would be the first one to agree that she's not left wanting anything more or that she missed out on following a childhood dream. One could only wish to have experienced all that she has within her life's journey. In the last few years, she has often told me that she felt complete and thought it was time for her to go. There is never a time when you hear something on those lines and receive it well. In these recent days with her health failing, I tend to recall those talks and know that she had peace before peace was even required.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Something happened this week that brought back good memories from my own childhood. A constant that I remember, and most of my friends recall often too - my brother wouldn't call me Jason, but 'Bubba' when he wanted to hang with me. And, as you could imagine, him being the little brother, he tended to want to hang all the time. It took me some time to understand the importance of my time to him, but eventually I came around and it was to my benefit as much as his. The quality time we spent during those years layed the foundation for the unbreakable bond we carry today. I mention the 'Bubba' reference to highlight the new trend Matisse-Ciel has been displaying when when it comes to calling for Kai or when his sees Kai. Yes, the clues are leading you in the right direction - the words 'Bubba' have been implanted in his little head and he uses it to call Kai exclusively. Kai, just as I did many years ago, thinks very little of it at this point. But just like I did, he will one day remember this as a special expression of love shared with his little brother.