Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Truth be told, I was not the leader of the march when it came to talking about getting a dog. There were enough factors that, at a minimum, gave me reason for pause. It wasn't for the lack of love I have for dogs, or even the desire to actually have one running around the house. It came down to: would the family be able to manage the dog and provide her/him with enough attention? - especially the important attention like picking up poop and potty training. The only other thing on the table was to go small or let me travel back with my time machine and get a Great Dane. It was actually the main factor that delayed the process - even though I feel a Great Dane would have been an incredible adventure for the family, it was in our best interest to go small for the kids (that's the mantra I said as the votes for "tiny" came in so strong).

going down

Once Michon came to the family, I tried to pretend some of the cute things she would do weren't happening. She is sweet, soft, quiet, gentle, sleeps through the night and potty trained herself within a matter of days. I even mocked the early training successes like sitting, staying and walking on a leash as a fluke. There was no way this little girl could maintain this skill level - or so I thought. It was almost as if Claudia gave her a heart-to-heart and let her know this was not a done deal, but an audition. Michon took that advice and brought her game to the next level. I knew she was a special dog when I noticed how cute and carefully Matisse-Ciel & her played together.

What's great about Michon fitting into the house so well is that I was the one that found her for the family. As Claudia would say, this goes on my long list of things I can take credit for. I don't actually have a list but I'm blessed with a great memory.

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