Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Saturday, December 20, 2008


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Polaroid has ceased production & the current supplies will only get them through 2009. Not being able to see the kids blow & shake their hands wildly in the hope to hurry the image along is kinda sad. To think that most if not all of my baby pictures are on Polaroid film and there will be very few images in that style that they will be able to show their kids. Now with that being said, our crew's kids will be so sick of seeing all these digital images of their parents that they may hope for the end of picture taking all together.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


It's always fascinating to see the assertive efforts to do just a little extra as the special Christmas Holidays come to light. Our bar is set pretty high since for the most part each one of the kids succeeds in the normal daily benchmarks that we have in place - this is of course excluding keeping the room clean. I tend to fall short on that one so to Claudia's delight, we give a pass or two on that particular task.

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However with so much at stake we've noticed a conservative shift to walk through these days with caution. Each step only taken once there is clear certainty that it will keep them heading in the right direction. Imagine doing that will helping with a 15 month old and new dog - it makes for some sketchy roads but we must acknowledge that they are making the smart steps on this journey.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

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Monday, December 8, 2008


200k+ hits is a lot but why this doesn't have a billion hits is beyond me. I can't see there being a better video ever recorded!


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Sunday, December 7, 2008


It seems like the time just zoomed by from when Cory and Michelle asked for Matisse-Ciel to be the ring bearer for their wedding. As noted over the last few weeks, sadly it was becoming clear that the odds of MC actually being able to walk down the aisle were pretty slim. To the credit of Cory & Michelle, they never seemed to worry about the task or at least figured in the end it wouldn't stop them from getting married if he couldn't pull it off.

Driving to the wedding we all took turns telling our version of how the wedding task would turn out. The best one was that when it was time to walk, MC would just crawl out of the church. After getting dressed at the church and seeing everyone look so nice, it was pretty crazy to realize that WE didn't bring our camera. For those that check the site often, that has to be pretty shocking. With the long list of classic moments caught like the girls doing their workout video 2007 or KAI*NIEVEL clips, it would seem we tend to have our bases covered to capture such events. Fortunately, there were a lot of other photographers running around and that we feel eventually we should have some good shots to share. I'll just say that the bride was beautiful, the groom was handsome, the bridesmaids were stunning and the groomsmen stole the show (just take my word for it).

Once assembled outside awaiting our entry, I took a second to tell Matisse how much I loved him and assured him that if he didn't want to walk, that crawling would do just fine. He stared into my eyes with his normal focused look and responded with something like 'Bla Ba Bla Ma Ma'. When I reached my spot on the stairs I looked down at the opening of the chapel doors.

These are the exact events that followed:

Matisse was asked to walk to Papa - he was able to get eye contact with me pretty quickly even though there was some good distance between us. In the perfect Hallmark commercial response, he gave me a big smile and began his journey. Only a few steps into it, he took a moment to stop and pose for a photographer and like a pro turned back, smiled and continued on his way. Even with the room filling with cheers, clapping and happy "awwwww"'s, nothing seemed to throw MC off his game. Once he reached the top of the aisle, he started clapping as if to show his appreciation for everyone's support. He took the last two steps into my arms and gave me a strong hug as I picked him up. In this moment I found myself having a hard time holding back some tears. Understanding the rules of a wedding like: the groom cries, the bride cries, the bridesmaids cry, but the best man crying is just not a normal option and for sure not one before the wedding has even got underway. Once the bride entered the room I was reminded that this was not about our little man walking down the aisle and the fact Cory was tearing up I figured both of us crying could cause some concerns.

The ceremony was both emotional and fun with special moments throughout. The love was so evident between Cory & Michelle. Having such a strong vantage point I was reminded of what an honor it was to be the best man.