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I first looked at this project in 2007 when it was a shell of itself & figured we would have visited Germany and possibly seen some of the developing stages. The Elbe Philharmonic Hall (Hamburg) is an ethereal glass tent-like structure perched on top of an existing heavy modernist abandoned warehouse.

Completion is scheduled for 2010.


The gas prices pushed the overall travel cost to over 7k for a family of 6 and it just didn't make sense in 2008. With prices still hanging around 5k+, the completion date of the Elbe becomes the new challenge to get to Germany before the doors open. It pains us to acknowledge the fact that Matisse has yet to step foot in Germany and he's closing in on 18months. I try and keep a positive spin with Claudia and talk of how the trip now will be more powerful for him and that he will be able to connect on a much greater level with family & friends. Since I failed at the 'Time Machine' project that's the best I can give her for now.

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This is the most common & instantaneous response we get when mentioning the kids to someone new. I never thought I could surpass the 'Shock & Aww' of saying my mother has blond hair & blue eyes but the number 4 is pretty powerful. There's a tipping point in life with everything & it seems that 4 is the entry point for kids.

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Cathedral of Granada, perhaps the most beautiful cathedral in Spain, and that crazy neighbor with the sharp lines.

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If you didn't have one already, here's a clear reason to visit New Zealand. This exclusive eatery has launched and, for my liking, is one of the coolest spots I've ever seen to enjoy wine & friends. If I get confirmation of some killer soul music groovin there, I might have to book this as my final resting place.

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tree house

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Earth Hour 2009 is a global call to action to every individual, every business and every community. A call to stand up, to take responsibility and to get involved in working towards a sustainable future. Iconic buildings and landmarks from Europe to The Americas will stand in darkness. People across the world will turn off their lights and join together in creating the vital conversation about the future of our precious planet.
Over 64 countries and territories are participating in Earth Hour 2009. This number grows every day as people realise how such a simple act, can have such a profound result in affecting change.
Earth Hour is a message of hope and a message of action. Everyone can make a difference.
To be apart of Earth Hour 2009, turn off your lights at 8.30pm Saturday 28 March and sign-up here to be counted.

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The official vote is in - the boys have come to an agreement that this would be a 'Super Cool' room. Kai had the words to express his approval, but Matisse just had the ability to point and make truck & robot sounds. Both of them felt it should be no problem for me to knock this out over the weekend. It wasn't easy, but I had to break it to them that this might be one of those 'Big' projects that takes awhile. This would be very similar to the chandelier project that took about 2 years. Let's hope that Kai still thinks a Robot is cool by the time something like this comes to light.

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