Saturday, September 19, 2009



In the modern era of digital images, one has to wonder about where will all the great memories go from years past?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

KAI 2.o


Watching your older brother do what seems to be these impossible tricks is hard to take. You wonder, how does he do those cool things. Since we don't show TV in the house, Matisse hasn't even seen the X Games. At this point, he actually thinks Kai is the greatest skateboard rider in the world. It seemed for a while that Matisse would be content on just sitting on the board and riding around. However, it looks like something has changed and he is ready to actually stand on the board. We're not 100% sold on the idea - even though Matisse is big for his age, he's still only 2. Kai being the self proclaimed expert, has told us, he will make sure all goes well with the 'board and the boy'.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


There has been a major change for Matisse over the last few days. Over the summer, he got accustomed to a high level of noise, fun and chaos. When it was shared with him that this was going to change due to the fact that the older kids would be in school, let's just say he was not too happy about this information.


Being the fourth child, he has already mastered the skill of rolling with the punches pretty well. However, the needed adjustment of not having them around was made a lot easier when he realized that this meant much more quality one-on-one time with mama.


Saturday, September 5, 2009



From the locker combo to the multiple classrooms, Jr. High can be a little heavy to process out the box - not to mention the fact that 2 of your other siblings won't be attending this level. However, Kiana with fear in check, is very excited about this new adventure at hand. To think that High School is that much closer is not something Claudia & I want to embrace, but currently we're enjoying the constant questions of wonder coming from the kid president of the house. It feels at times that she's recording our answers, so she'll be able to buffer some future questions for us from the other kids. Our favorite questions so far are:

Were You Nervous? Yes

Did You Get Lost? Yes

Did You Have Funny P.E. Clothes? YES!


Tuesday, September 1, 2009



It's crazy how fast a kid can change/upgrade his favorite toy of choice. This Saturday we celebrated Matisse's 2nd birthday with a nice family gathering at the beach. How this is not the gathering for every birthday party will always be confusing for me. This doesn't include our friends from Germany who are currently yelling at their computer screen about my beach comment.

Getting back to the upgrade comment - many know & have read that Matisse's favorite thing by far is the incredible 'Traktor'. It may be hard to believe, but the time has come to put that love affair behind us. There comes a time in a young child's life when he needs to move on...grow up if you will. This moment is here and Matisse has proclaimed his new love for..........drum roll..........:

BAGGER (aka Bulldozer)

The functionality of this is so impressive that he doesn't even take the time to look at a 'Traktor' anymore. To help with his passion, Kiana graced the wall will a little love for Matisse. There will be pictures to follow shortly but I wanted to break it to everyone gently before we show the full transition.

Rest In Peace 'Traktor'.....We Will Miss You!!